About Turbomot Marine Engineering LLC

Turbomot Marine Engineering LLC, ( TME ) is one of the oldest marine engineering workshops of European standards established in UAE. TME has earned its reputation as an efficient and professional workshop for over three decades.

Since inception in 1979, TME has an unblemished record in the marine industry and has been continuously striving to provide unparallel efficient service to its clients. TME has a  well equipped workshop with trained and qualified specialists for this.

The company is also the authorized  sales & service base for MAN Marine Engines, MJP Water-jets, Nanni Diesel marine engines and generators, Polyflex machinery mountings, Hypro Marine steering systems etc.

We also undertake the following tasks on turnkey basis.

  • Sales and services of  Turbochargers
  • Engines & Machinery Overhaul
  • Gear box / Transmissions overhaul
  • Propulsion System Overhaul ( Shafts, Propeller and CPP System )
  • Alignment & Shaft Repair
  • Winch and Deck Machineries
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Electrical Repair
  • Control Systems
  • Vibration Analysis

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Our technical team has vast experience in overhauling and servicing  of the following brands with major clients in the UAE and have overhauled these equipment to the utmost satisfaction of our clients:

Engines: MAN, CAT, VOLVO, Yanmar, Yamaha, Cummins, Detroit, Deutz, MTU and MWM

Gearboxes: ZF, Reintjes, Twin Disc, Lufkin, Renk, Lohmann & Stolterfoht &  Finnoy.

Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP): Specialised in vintage and modern CPP including BERG, SCHOTTEL, WARTSILA & ROLLS ROYCE.


All Kinds / Brands of Air Compressors, Pumps, Hydraulic Machineries, Turbochargers and Thrusters.

Specialized Marine Services & Servicing Of:...

  • Turbochargers

  • Engines

  • Waterjet Propulsion Systems

  • Propulsions

  • Generators

  • Shafting And Propellers

  • Specialized Underwater Repairs

  • Transmissions

  • Controls

Sales of all Marine parts

  • MAN offers a wide range of high-speed four stroke diesel engines for use in commercial shipping.

    For heavy operation – with unlimited operating hours and working up to 100% full load – such as for tugboats and other working ships, MAN Truck & Bus provides a range of outputs from 190 kW to 735 kW (258 HP up to 1,000 HP).

    In medium-heavy operation (up to 4,000 hours per year at 50% full load), such as for ferries, passenger ships, and fishing boats, the range of outputs extend from 294 kW to 1,029 kW (400 HP to 1,400 HP).
    In light operation (up to 1,000 hours per year at 20% full load), the MAN engine range offers efficient 6-, 8- and 12-cylinder engines from 537 kW to 1,324 kW (730 HP to 1,800 HP) for escort, ambulance, and police boats.

    A characteristic feature of MAN marine engines is their powerful acceleration coupled with an extremely low fuel consumption. Their advantages are to be found above all in their outstanding power efficiency and compactness. The engines are delivered ready for installation, and are designed for optimum performance in the various conditions of deployment and operation. After installation. MAN offers to examine and pass off the engine and to carry out extensive commissioning. All engines comply with the internationally applicable exhaust-gas regulations.

    Applications for commercial shipping

    • Ferries
    • Barges
    • Passenger ships and pilot boats
    • Lifeboats and patrol boats
    • Tugboats
    • Dredgers
    • Trawlers and fishing boats
    • Charter yachts

    Applications for auxiliary engines

    • Marine gensets
    • Emergency gensets
    • Auxiliary/Harbor gensets

    MAN Engine Range for Yachts and Pleasure Craft

    For yachts and pleasure craft in the classes from 40 to 80 feet, MAN offers powerful and compact high-speed diesel drives from 537 kW to 1,397 kW (730 HP to 1,900 HP). All MAN engines excel through their high power development even in the low speed range – with an extremely low fuel consumption. The advantages of V-engines in the power range from 662 kW to 1,397 kW (900 HP to 1,900 HP) lie primarily in their outstanding power efficiency and compactness. The engines are delivered ready for installation, and are designed for optimum performance in the various conditions of deployment and operation.

    After installation. MAN offers to examine and pass off the engine and to carry out extensive commissioning. The boat owner receives an additional guarantee with the Gold Standard Certificate on acceptance of the engine. All engines comply with the internationally applicable exhaust-gas regulations.

    Applications :

    • Luxury yachts (gliders, trawlers)
    • Sport fishing boats
  • EXCLUSIVE DEALER FOR SALES AND AFTER SALES PRODUCT SUPPORT IN U.A.E.: MJP Ultra Jets by Marine Jet Power is a world leading supplier of water jet propulsion systems suitable for ships from approximately 15 meters of length and powers from 112 KW.

    We sell to shipbuilders of:

      • High speed ferries
      • Coast Guard, Customs and Navy Boats
      • Luxury Yachts
      • Special applications

    We offer a full line of stainless steel and aluminium jets with mixed- or axial flow, covering engine powers from 112 KW to 15 MW, and intake diameters from 250 mm to 1550 mm. Our units can be specially adapted for each individual installation giving optimum performance in various configurations e.g. single, twin, triple, and quad installations.


    The traditional MJP CSU waterjet with a Compact Steering Unit offers a classic design with superior performance and unmatched service life in for instance Commercial Crafts, Coast Guards, Navy Applications and Yachts.

    Features & Benefits

        • Compact Steering Unit
        • Duplex stainless steel waterjet with superior wear strength
        • Thrust is taken in jet unit in an oil lubricated hub unit accessible from aft available from MJP 550 and up
        • Lowest noise and vibration with floating drive shaft design
        • Mixed flow waterjet with minimum blade tip clearance
        • – no wear liner is needed in line of the impeller
        • – for the best available jet performance
        • Intake either completely or partly of GRP for the best performance, corrosion protection and service life
        • Electronic control options – see MJP designers guide


    The MJP DRB waterjet with a Double Reverse Bucket offers an inboard hydraulic design with superior performance and unmatched service life in for instance Commercial Crafts, Coast Guards, Navy Applications and Yachts.

    Features & Benefits

    • Double Reverse Bucket – inboard hydraulics
    • Duplex stainless steel waterjet with superior wear strength
    • Lowest noise and vibration with floating drive shaft design
    • Thrust is taken in jet unit in an oil lubricated hub unit accessible from aft available from MJP 550 and up
    • Standard intake of GRP for the best performance, corrosion protection and service life
    • Mixed flow waterjet with minimum blade tip clearance
    • – no wear liner is needed in line of the impeller
    • – for the best available jet performance
    • Electronic control options – see MJP designers guide

    MJP Ultrajet

    MJP Ultrajet marine jet drives (waterjet propulsion) feature high-efficiency single-stage axial-flow pump elements with a variety of intake housings and control options. A wide range of impellers match most marine diesel engines from 100 to 1342 kW (134 to 2172 bhp) per jet with the appropriate direct drive or reduction gear ratio. MJP Ultrajet propulsion systems are rated for the real-world operating conditions encountered by commercial and military boats.

    MJP Ultrajet drives excel when thrust is required to quickly accelerate the boat on plane with a full fuel and passenger load. To maintain planing attitude at cruise throttle settings, even in turns. Full control is easily maintained in following or quartering seas while still providing the best top speed possible with the available power.

    Features & Benefits

    • Excellent resistance to cavitation in displacement craft
    • – high thrust at low speed
    • Lightweight and compact design with a variety of jet mounted control systems
    • Superior manoeuvrability. Ability to accelerate quickly, reverse, stop, rotate, hold station and move sideways for ease of docking
    • Higher mid-range thrust for improved cruising speed and economy
    • Lower vibration and noise levels than other propulsion methods
    • Wide range of Marine Jet Power-developed mechanical and electrical reversing controls
    • Standard rubber impeller shaft bearing or optional composite bearing, if dry running is required

    MJP Pods

    Marine Jet Power, formerly Ultra Dynamics and Dowty waterjets, has designed and manufactured marine waterjet propulsion systems (a.k.a. water jet propulsion, water-jet propulsion, & hydrojet propulsion) for military/government applications since the mid-1960′s. Marine Jet Power also manufactures hydraulic & control systems for watercraft and amphibious vehicles. UltraJet propulsion units are used by military and government entities in Europe, North America, Asia, and South America. Marine Jet Power has BS EN ISO 9001 certification (since 1994), and other multi-national and mil-spec approvals.

    • Ultrajet waterjet propulsion for high-speed craft
    • Ultrajet waterjet propulsion for high thrust
    • Ultrajet waterjet propulsion for wheeled amphibious vehicles
    • Ultrajet waterjet propulsion for tracked amphibious vehicles
    • Controls and hydraulic systems
    • Other military products

    MJP Controls

    Hydromechanical (HM) Control

    The Hydromechanical control provides proportional operation of the reversing deflector when actuated by a push/pull cable from the helm. The HM control converts low efforts at the helm to hydraulic actuation of the reverse deflector, even at full throttle. The HM control is available for the UltraJet models 251, 305, 305HT, 340, 377, and 410.

    Electrohydraulic Jog (EHJ) Control

    The Electrohydraulic Jog is a non-proportional control of reversing deflector(s) actuated a joystick or toggle at the helm to electrically actuate a solenoid-operated hydraulic valve on the waterjet. Hydraulic flow from this valve actuates the reversing deflector. The EHJ control is available on all UltraJet models but used mostly on the 251, 305, 305HT, and 340.

    Electrohydraulic Proportional (EHK) Control

    The economical Electrohydraulic Proportional control operates the reversing deflector proportional to helm lever movement. The EHK system is based on Kobelt single or twin-lever helm units, amplifier, and position feedback units. The EHK control is available for all UltraJet models.

    JetMaster-Pro Proportional (JMP) Control

    The JetMaster-Pro is a PLC-based control system to operate the reversing deflector(s) proportional to helm lever movement. The system is available with single or twin lever helm control for single or twin jets respectively. The JetMaster-Pro control is available for all UltraJet models.

    JetMaster Joystick (JMJ) Controls

    Marine Jet Power, and predecessor companies Ultra Dynamics and Ultra Hydraulics, have been supplying joystick controls for vessels under 75 feet since 1995. These Ultra-developed joystick systems are used to accurately control forward, reverse and neutral positioning of the boat using vectored thrust from the waterjet drive(s). The JetMaster Joystick controls are available for all UltraJet models.

    Waterjet Steering Systems

    A variety of steering options are available for UltraJet units and for use with the above reversing controls. Steering options include steering position indicators, electronic synchronization for catamarans, and auto-steer (autopilot).

    Hydraulic Systems

    The above control systems are to precisely position the reversing deflectors with the deflectors being actuated hydraulically. A variety of pump and valve systems are available from Marine Jet Power to operate the waterjet controls only and/or to operate additional functions such as a hydraulic bow thruster and anchor windlass.

    ACS – Azimuth control system

    Two Azimuth levers and one second steer tiller. Each Azimuth lever controls its dedicated waterjet. The system can operate in Separate or Common mode, with Autopilot or with the second steer tiller conveniently positioned in the armrest. This system requires more of the captain to efficiently operate the vessel.

    VCS – Vector Control System

    This system offers operation with a joystick and steering tiller (or wheel). The computer translates the steering commands, optimises the jet positioning and rpm to make the boat move as requested by the captain for convenient and easy control. The VCS system helps the Captain quickly become an expert in controlling the vessel. The system accepts Autopilot steering signal.

    CSW – Combinator and steering wheel

    CSW includes combinator with two levers, steering wheel and a VCS joystick. The combinator levers controls the jet buckets and engine rpm, the steering wheel controls steering just like on a traditional boat. Especially on fast vessels it is appreciated to steer with a steering wheel and control the rpm with the combinator levers. The VCS joystick offers full and computerised control of the vessel in a harbour or at slow speed operation. Clutch control is most often included as well as Autopilot.

  • Polyflex Group Pty Ltd is an Australian company and Turbomot is the authorized Distributor in UAE. Polyflex manufactures engine mounting systems, Flexible Disc Couplings and Steel Shaft Couplings which are available with DNV type approval.

    RESILIENT MOUNTINGS: Polyflex have over 1600 models of engine mount systems that cater for marine, defense, agricultural, mining, industrial & commercial applications. Our products are moulded from heat cured polymer alloys which are long lasting and oil / fuel resistant.

    FLEXIBLE DISC COUPLINGS: Designed to act as a dampner between gearbox and drive shaft while still maintaining strength, rigidity and performance. We have over 200 models( 10 to 2000 HP) and are continually expanding our range.

    STEEL HALF COUPLINGS: All the metal components are plated in Cobalt Zinc (SA5) which has very good wear and corrosion resistance.

  • Nanni Diesel is the sole French manufacturer of marine propulsion systems. Nanni manufactures inboard solutions for both power generation from 3.5 kW TO 419 kW, and propulsion from 10hp, to 350hp.

    Moreover, Nanni is belonging to the world top 3 marine brands in this diesel range. Nanni is powered by an avant – garde spirit relying upon a centennial expertise in marine propulsion, power generation and power management.

    Nanni Diesel: the ecological choice for a peaceful and respectful boating experience.

    Marine Engines

    Nanni Range: 12 engines from 10 to 130 hp

    Ideally designed for coastal cruisers, fishing cruisers, trawlers, canal boats, these engines are marinized by Nanni to deliver big power in a gentle manner, for many years.

    The engine block providers, Kubota and Toyota, are prestigious partners bringing a superior level of high technology, quality and reliability. This ensures easier maneuvering and cruising. Maximum speeds are easily reached thanks to an immediate torque at low RPM and full power at medium RPM.

    Famous references

    For many years, Nanni has been the preferred supplier for major European Boatbuilders including: Beneteau, Jeanneau, Couach, Bavaria, Delphia.

    Famous references

    Power Generation

    Nanni expertise extends beyond just marine engines into generators too, and the Nanni gensets benefit from the wealth of experience in the R&D department.

    Nanni’s range of generators is also based on either Leroy Sommer or Meccalte expertise in power electronics, and on Kubota, Man and Doosan excellent thermal engineering.

    C.I.C. Intercaled generators

    Intercaled generators

    Compact gensets with soundshield

    QMS generator sets are available in a soundshield enclosure limiting them to a threshold of 54dB at 7 meters, the equivalent of a dishwasher.

    Meccalte alternator single phase- 230 Volts

    Meccalte alternator single phase- 230 Volts

     Professional gensets without soundshield

    With this range, Nanni offers a choice of generator sets specifically designed for marine duty, with the benefit of a well-known manufacturer’s commitment to quality, safety and environmental awareness. The Kubota based marine generators encompass the E-TVCS combustion technology to comply with the most stringent anti-pollution and sound-level requirements.

    Leroy Somer alternator 400 Volts Three-phase*

    Leroy Somer alternator 400 Volts

    Nanni gensets from 70 kW to 492 kW

    All of the QLR range of Gensets are equipped with light, compact & mechanically robust alternators, aimed at powering demanding equipment, whist being sensitive to voltage variation.

    Directly linked to the constant engine speed, Nanni marine generators deliver steady power in all conditions, whatever the appliance. Nanni uses the latest alternator technology to guarantee efficient and reliable systems, in compliance with the most stringent regulations.

  • As a leading designer and manufacturer of power- assisted steering systems, Hypro Marine has an enviable reputation in the industry for the quality and performance of its products.

    Some of the world’s most prestigious yacht builders rely on Hypro Marine steering systems, along with world renowned Coast Guard Agencies and rescue organizations operating in some of the harshest marine environments.

    ELECTRONIC COMMAND STEERING (ECS): Hypro Marine has Electronic Command Steering (ECS) system to provide steering as responsive as hydraulics but without the time-consuming installation.

    12/24 VOLT DC POWERED STEERING: The 12/24V DC power pack systems are the latest editions to the power assisted steering options.

    PRESSURISED ENGINE / GEAR BOX PTO PUMP DRIVEN: Pressurised direct drive pump systems have been available for many years and in the time that Hypro Marine have been manufacturing them, they have been periodically improved and upgraded.

    12/24 volt DC Powered Steering

    The 12/24v DC power pack systems are the latest editions to the power assisted steering options. Because of their simplicity and ease of installation, these are proving to be a very popular addition.

    After initially introducing this concept on the smaller HM2940 Servo Power Cylinder a larger version has been developed to extend the range for larger applications.

    Systems are multi-station capable and because they are non-pressurised, the upper helm is vented. Bleeding can be done manually or by using a 12v automatic power purger, keeping commissioning times to a minimum. In the event of loss of electrical power to the power pack, these systems automatically revert to manual wheel steering.

    Electronic Command Steering (ECS)

    Hypro Marine recently launched their new Electronic Command Steering (ECS) system to provide steering as responsive as hydraulics but without the time-consuming installation.

    ECS replaces a traditional hydraulic helmed system with an electronic helm unit which is connected to an electronic power unit via a single pre-made wiring harness with “Deutsch” multi pin connectors. The single harness replaces hydraulic hoses eliminating any hydraulic oil running through the boat to the control stations. This not only prevents potentially expensive accidents but also dramatically reduces the installation and commissioning times.

    In operation, the ECS system offers a 4 turn lock to lock steering at 1 rev/second with a positive stop at hardover and is multi station capable. The system has been designed for boats of 40ft and upwards in length and can be scaled up to in excess of 100ft.

    Benefits of ECS:-

    • No hydraulic hoses to helm positions
    • No oil to helm positions
    • Simplified commissioning
    • Single multi core harness with Deutsch plug connector
    • 4 turns lock to lock @ 1 sec/rev response rate
    • Positive lock at hard over position
    • Emergency back up options
    • No rudder feedback device required to be installed
    • Multi station capability
    • Tilt helm option available
    • Rear or front mount fixed helm options
    • 1″/ft taper on ¾” helm shaft

    Pressurised Engine/Gear Box PTO Pump Driven

    Pressurised direct drive pump systems have been available for many years, and in the time that Hypro Marine have been manufacturing them, they have been periodically improved and upgraded to what they are today. Pumps are available to plug straight on to most popular engine or gear box makes/models or can be specified to come fitted to the engine prior to delivery. Single or twin pumps can be used and a pressure and flow conditioning valve to suit is coupled to the bulkhead mounted reservoirs.

    An optional autopilot control valve is also available as part of the bulkhead reservoir. Systems are multi-station capable and because they operate with a pre-charge pressure, the helm pumps are all fully sealed, not vented. Systems offer nominally 3½ turns lock to lock highly responsive fingertip effort steering with a 2.0 cu.in (33cc) helm which automatically revert to manual wheel steering if there is loss of power to the pump.

    Arneson Surface Drive Control

    Hypro Marine has specified and supplied steering systems for Arneson Surface Drives on up to triple ASD 16s, including trim control.

  • Masson Marine – France: Sales and after sales product support in the Middle East

    Masson-Marine products equip all kinds of vessels in work applications, such as barges, fishing boats, naval ships, supply vessels, ferries, life boats, pilot boats. Power ranges from 300 kW to 10,000 kW, with reduction ratios as high as 14, and propeller diameters up to 5 metres.

    Countless possibilities of adaptation and of life and clutch-controlled PTO attachments make Masson-Marine the one comprehensive solution for your marine propulsion system.

    Masson-Marine are able to offer you complete propulsion solutions, not only for the propulsion of the ship itself, through controllable pitch propellers (CPP), fixed pitch propellers, or POD-drives, but for driving pumps and generators, too, and all other auxiliary equipment (winches, compressors, etc.) as required.

    The Masson-Marine design department is equally able to supply a full propulsion package, thus facilitating the job of all parties, engine manufacturers and shipyards included – be it for new shipbuilding projects, repowering jobs or repair.

    All our transmissions can be adapted to CPP, i.e. be built as non-reversing clutch/de-clutch transmissions.


    Optional equipment:

    • Pump connections with SAE standard flanges
    • Pump assemblies

    Propeller And Propulsion

    Masson-Marine designs, build, and install the entire system constituting the propeller and its “carrier”. The unit includes the propeller shaft, the nozzle (if applicable), as well as the stern tube. We also realize the complete assembly that is dedicated to the connection to the gearbox.

    Controllable Pitch Propeller

    Masson-Marine offers a range of controllable pitch propellers for professional applications and continuous operation.

    We have inherited this activity from France H?lices. In fact, MM took over their activity in this area. In order to provide better service to our clients, and to extend our business, we maintain permanent efforts in research and development of our systems, thanks to our design department. Each project and every order undergoes a comprehensive case-specific study.

    Masson-Marine Offer Two Types of CPP Design

    MMI (Masson-Marine Integrated): the servo cylinder controlling the blade pitch angle of the propeller is integrated into the hub. The advantage of this system is that power is transmitted to the blades through hydraulic pressure lines. This avoids the high amount of strain put on the control rod used in the MMS system. As such, this arrangement is most suitable for propellers that transmit high power. Since our propellers are provided with a leak detection device, damage does not necessarily mean dry-docking of the ship.

    MMS (Masson-Marine Separated): the servo cylinder controlling the blade angle is located inboard. The advantage of this system is that maintenance operations do not require the dry-docking of the ship.

    Fixed Pitch Propeller: We design and build fixed pitch propellers and all their equipment. Here are the main dimensions of the available models.



    Nozzles boost performances

    Masson-Marine are able to provide nozzles fitting their range of both fixed pitch and controllable pitch propellers. Using a nozzle can increase the propeller thrust by around 20 %.

    Marine Propulsion Engineering

    The major task of Masson-Marine Engineering is to provide clients with a complete marine propulsion system, tailor-made to meet demand in the best possible way.

    From the first step of the project, Masson-Marine Engineering will guide the client along towards the best solution for his propulsion system, in both diesel-mechanic and diesel-electric drive applications.

    This includes:

    • Transmissions with single input, single output shafts, vertically offset or coaxial.
    • Transmissions with dual input, single output
    • Input and/or output drive power take-off units
    • Fixed pitch propellers and Controllable pitch propellers
    • Stern tube assemblies, oil or water lubricated
    • Nozzle
    • Remote control

    Getting everything, from engineering to hardware, installation, commissioning and sea trials, from one source, is your guarantee of efficient and high quality results.

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